SNHS - Joining Prerequisites
 Joining Prerequisites:
In order to become a member of the Spanish National Honor Society, you must... enrolled in Spanish III Honors or above of honorable character
...have no Spanish semester grade below 85
...have a 90 overall average of all Spanish class semester grades. invited to join after all evaluations are finished. an active participant in the Induction Ceremony (no exceptions except for UIL activities)
Membership Requirements:
Members of SNHS must complete 8 service hours per semester; the requirements for new inductees and second semester seniors are lower. Two service hours can come from social events like banquets. Meetings are held every other Wednesday morning in the auditorium beginning at 7:00; attendance is mandatory. Once you have missed a meeting, every additional meeting you miss results in two extra service hours; if you miss more than 2 meetings, you may be expelled as per the decision of the officers and Sra. Jenkins. At 7:05, Sra. Jenkins will lock the door, so make sure you are on time. Also, remember to sign-in; if you forget, you may have to do make-up hours! For more about hours and service opportunities, or to print out a new hours form, click here.
Media Release Form
Please click here for the Media Release Form.
Officer Requirements:
You must... a member of the Spanish National Honor Society of exemplaray character in a Spanish Honors class the year of your officership unless you have received a passing grade on any Spanish AP Exam prepared to meet every Monday afternoon (or Tuesday in the case of a holiday) highly comitted and willing to go to SNHS events
Note: You may be a candidate for the fall semester and apply for officership during the spring semester. Please keep in mind that these are general requirements, and we reserve all rights to change these requirements at any time without any notice. All requirements to apply for officership will be discussed in detail at the meetings before the officer application is due. The application can be found here.