--Spanish National Honor Society--
  Membership Benefits:
 Graduation Cords & Stoles.:
Seniors who are active members of S.N.H.S. at the time of their graduation get to wear a red and yellow cord around their robe at graduation. Cords cost $10, and they are yours to keep. However, seniors who have been a member for at least two years may buy a stole for $18. Click here to order!
College Applications:
In high school, college applications lurk at the back of everyone's mind. Spanish National Honor Society is an excellent organization to list on your College Application, especially if you held an officership in the Chapter.
SNHS Scholarships:
Capítulo Cela usually offers cash scholarships to a few of its seniors for use at any college; the club raises money for the scholarships every year through different fund raising activities. To apply for a scholarship (generally worth anywhere from $400 to $500), print a Senior Scholarship Application. However, those who have heavily contributed to the fundraising events will be considered first and foremost.
2011 William P. Clements High School Chapter - Spanish National Honor Society