--Spanish National Honor Society--
SNHS OFFICERS 2013-2014:
Job Descriptions:

Capítulo Cela has seven officers--president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, historian, and webmaster. The webmaster's duty is to create and maintain the SNHS website. The reporter is responsible for putting together the monthly chapter newsletter, the Quiquiriquí (the Spanish equivalent of cock-a-doodle-doo). The historian is responsible for recording a history of events in SNHS. The treasurer's job, of course, is to collect dues,activity fees, etc. The secretary keeps track of attendance and service hours, and takes minutes of the meetings. The vice president assists the president in all of his/her responsibilities. The president has the responsibility to coordinate all of the club's activities and supervise club functions. All officers seek service opportunities. Events are planned jointly at the officer meetings, which occur on every Monday afternoon, and as needed, in Sra. Jenkins room, 2518. Note: to be an officer of SNHS, you must be enrolled in a Spanish class the year of your officership or have passed the AP exam with a 3 or better.

Applying to become an officer:
The process for becoming an officer is stringent. Applicants are carefully screened, and the top three candidates for each position are chosen by Sra. Jenkins and the current officers. If you wish to become an officer, you must fill out an application, due to Sra. Jenkins the Friday before Spring Break (print out one below). Interviews will be the Wednesday afternoon after Spring Break. The names of the candidates are posted in the Foreign Language hall. Click here to print out an Officer Application Form. Turn it in to Sra. Jenkins in room 2518 by the designated date to be eligible to run.
2013-2014 Officers:

Rebecca - President